wtconnector for MEWS

If you are a MEWS customer and have units in Portugal, you can use wtconnector in its standard version at no additional costs.
For now, we have connected Mews to Moloni and SEF.
Soon you will be able to send reports to INE and you will be connected to other invoicing systems.

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How the Mews integration works

wtconnector works as an intermediary between your Mews app and some external applications. It has modular operation, which means you can activate only the modules you that you realy need.

To get started, search for wtconnector on the Mews marketplace, click on the “explore” button and then select “Connect integration”.

Once your account is created on wtconnector, you will be able to activate the desired modules in an easy and intuitive way. If you need it, you can count on help from our support team.

Available modules

Invoice connector

The Invoice connector connects Mews to some invoicing software approved by the AT – Portuguese Tax Authority.
Allows you to issue invoices, receipts and credit notes in real time.

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SIBA / SEF Report

The SIBA / SEF Report connector gets your guest information directly from Mews and send it to SIBA (Accommodation Bulletin Information System) reports directly to SEF effortlessly.

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INE - IPHH Report

Automate sending of IPHH to INE – Guest Stay Survey in Hotels and Other Accommodations – mandatory for hosting companies.

(Available soon)

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