Lease management software


The software to manage rentals from multiple owners
For the comprehensive management of income and expenses from rental properties

Automatic system

Save time by automatically issuing receipts. The program produces monthly income receipts in batches with automatic calculation of income increases

Property expenses

Administration fees, condominium fees and other expenses can be automatically posted to the owners’ current account.


Communication to AT

Gesar carries out electronic communication of income receipts with the Tax Authority, facilitating the process of sending information.


Complete information

Complete information record: owners, tenants, properties, contracts, rents, condominium, suppliers, types of expenses, etc.



Have the information properly registered in the program, current accounts, contracts, information on contracts to be terminated, among many others.

Dynamic and current

Automatic annual update of existing rents and list of contracts to be terminated as well as vacant units.


Gesar integrates with the Cloudware Business commercial management software, creating fee invoices.

Multibanco and Payshop

It is possible to pay rent via Multibanco and Payshop with the possibility of automatic sending of receipts by email.

Connection with Vodafone One Net and IPBrick

Whenever a condominium owner calls your company, Gecond will first open the respective file and record of the call.

The ideal complement to Gimob software

Although it can operate autonomously, Gesar can be integrated with the Gimob real estate software, sharing properties, owners, tenants and much other information.

In this case, the new lease contracts automatically inactivate the property and remove its advertising on the company’s website and real estate portals.

Also before a contract ends, the property is activated so that advertising can begin on the company’s website and on real estate portals.

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